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Comprehensive suite of tools to help you create attractive HTML Web pages
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TigerII HTML Tools is a comprehensive suite of programs designed to help you create and enhance your HTML pages. This HTML toolbox includes a color picker, a wizard to create image galleries, an image cutter, a basic HTML editor, an image mapper, and a tool to help you produce attractive forms and tables.

Though it will not solve all your HTML needs, this useful toolbox will certainly help you tackle some of the most common difficulties Web developers usually face when designing complex web pages. However, you will not need to be a pro to enjoy and make the most of these tools, as they all come in simple, easy-to-use interfaces. Actually, this set of utilities will surely be of great help also for those who despite having a limited knowledge of HTML, want to jump out of the box and produce attractive and creative web pages.

Half of the HTML tools that TigerII offers have been devised to help you out with some of the challenges you may find when embedding images in your HTML pages. The Gallery Wizard will take any number of JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP image files and will produce an attractive, navigable gallery that you can then append to your existing Web site easily. It will scale your images to fit the dimensions selected, insert a header and a footer to your gallery, and create thumbnails for easy navigation. Another image-related tool is the Image Cutter, that will allow you to slice your images into smaller and more manageable parts and rearrange them as an HTML table. Finally, TigerII Map Wizard will let you map your images in an intuitive and extremely simple way. This useful image mapper will allow you to add different HTML properties to selected sections of an image and even assign JavaScript events to it without needing to be an HTML expert.

Other useful utilities included in this toolbox are the Color Picker, the Table & Form Wizard, and the TigerII MiniPad, a simple editing tool with syntax highlighting for HTML, Pascal, PERL, and PHP files. Color Picker works in either RGB or CMYK mode, and will allow you to create and insert your own color combinations directly into your HTML and CSS files. It can capture any color that appears in your screen, and works seamlessly with Paint Shop Pro. Last but not least, the Table & Form Wizard makes table creation in HTML a rewarding and easy task, allowing you to work in your tables and forms as intuitively as you do when using a professional text editor.

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